Julie Corlett is my Trusted Partner for Social Media Management for small businesses, and recently she has started working with a client who we referred to her. She has had some great results for them over the past couple of weeks that I asked her to share what she has done for them, so you can model the ideas for your own business too.Julie Corlett - Social Media Management Trusted Partner

Here’s the message I received from Julie;

To say it’s been manic would be an understatement, fortunately it’s manic in a good way. 

Why I wanted to work with them

I originally had a conversation with the director over the phone and his enthusiasm and vision for the business was clear and you couldn’t help but get excited about what they do. On top of that they had a unique product that I just knew people needed to know about and once they did they would love it.

They really needed to utilise social media to increase awareness about what they had.

They were interested to hear about ways to use social media for their business, and were happy to listen to suggestions I had from my first impressions of their website and social media accounts.

It was clear they understood that they needed to use social media and admitted that they didn’t have the time to do this properly and it had only been partly addressed. 

Sharing existing content on Facebook and Twitter

The first thing I did was schedule posts to the Facebook page and Twitter. I used a mixture of old blog posts, related articles from other websites, any information on events they were currently taking part in, their lead magnet, competition and their website pages.

They had lots of content on their website in the form of news/blog posts and it showed the personality of the business as well as the products offered. 

Inviting engagement in posts

I made sure I included posts that invited a response from the followers they already had. Asking questions or for opinions at the end of the post.

One of the posts I shared was about their FAQ website page. It had a link to the page and one of their less serious questions. At the end I asked if anyone reading had a question.

Well, it got a response! I was then able to answer the question and direct the person to the page on their website that would solve their problem if they wanted to buy. And they did!

This was quite amusing as one of the things I had stressed was that you have to build relationships with people before they will buy. So I wasn’t expecting that, even with their existing followers, it hadn’t occurred to me that there would be people ready to buy.

Another post I shared told the story about a bespoke item they had made based on an area. This got a response from another business in the same area that would be interested in their products.

It really showed the importance of being specific in how you can help your customers. 

Theo Paphitis’ SBS winners!

Next on the list from our original conversation was that they wanted to get some press exposure.

The first thing that came to my mind would be to enter Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday on Twitter. I felt that they would do well as the product is unique and when I suggested it they were definitely interested.

So I entered them into Theo Paphitis’ SBS and they won, first time!!!

They had an instant result of being presented to Theo’s 465,000 followers on Twitter and also the other SBS winners. Plus they will get to meet Theo Paphitis and have photo with him presenting the SBS certificate.

This will give them something to use for a press release now and once they’ve met Theo Paphitis.

As SBS winners this gives them credibility and celebrity endorsement, as well as the PR they were seeking.

What’s next?

I have set up the Facebook and Twitter remarketing pixels on their website, so they are collecting data about their website visitors. This will then be used to target Facebook and Twitter adverts at their website’s visitors and also other similar custom audiences.

If you are a small business owner looking for a done for you social media management service, you can get in touch with Julie here

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Veronica Pullen

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