As is customary at the end of a year, I spent some time over the holiday period reflecting on my key business learnings from 2014 to share with you here. 2014 was a year of significant growth for us, which involved making several big changes in the way we (and I personally) do things. So in the first of this two-part series, here are my top 5 in no particular order.

#1: Your money mindset really does impact on how much wealth you attract

This year I read Denise Duffield Thomas’ book “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” and realised that it was my own mindset around money that caused it to flow in and out so easily. Due to the lack of money around when I was a kid, wealth was seen as a “bad thing”. So consequently, as fast as I was earning, I was spending – getting rid of the “bad thing” to ensure I wasn’t a “bad person”.

All total BS of course, but it took reading this book to hammer the lesson home. If you’re doing the same, or have any kind of money blocks (including fear of charging what you’re worth, belief that you should always spend money on everyone else first, or fear of “being rich”, I recommend you put this book at the top of your new year reading list!

#2: Taking more time off – and being rewarded by the universe in terms of passive income

When you’re doing what you love, work doesn’t feel like work, so I find it really easy to get so into what I’m doing, I forget to leave the house! LOL. So having moved to the place I’d dreamed of living for 20 years, I knew I’d be a fool not to get out there and enjoy it!

During the summer we committed to taking at least half a day off each week to go out and about on the island, and we had fun being an “island tourist” and doing some of the stuff we used to look forward to when we came here for holidays.

And what was even better was that the universe started rewarding us for going out. Every time we went out, we’d return home and I’d check my emails to see that we’d made what we’d just spent in passive income.

So we’d be enjoying the island, spending money and having fun, and get home to discover it had all been “for free”.

There’s 2 lessons here for you; make 2015 the year you get some passive income streams set up in your business, and secondly – commit to getting out of the office more this year to enjoy all the things you love about your surroundings. 2014 Roundup part 1

#3: Getting ill or into a negative situation after a big win is not an accident!

You know how oftentimes you’ve just had a “big win” in your business, or you’re in the middle of a really exciting period, when bam… you suddenly find yourself floored by illness, or you get into a major argument with your partner?!

After reading the book “The Big Leap”, I discovered it’s not a coincidence. These incidents are called “upper limiters” and they are sent to you to “test your resolve” to continue uplevelling. Freaky!

Your job is to push through regardless; recognise these upper limiters for what they are, and either stop them in their tracks before they take hold (e.g. don’t let the argument escalate) or accept the illness as the lesson you need to learn the most (e.g. to make time for yourself to rest too)

These upper limiters are testy little buggers, read “The Big Leap” and get ahead of yours before they start holding you and your business back!

#4: Working with 2 screens

Okay, I know most of the world is ahead of me here, but recently I upgraded my PC and now have 2 screens connected. I’d never given much thought to why I’d need a second screen, but now I have them, I don’t know how I ever did without.

I don’t believe the sceptics who say it’s a distraction, any more than having multiple tabs is a distraction. But where the second screen comes into its own is when you have resources to refer to while you work on your main screen, and I’ve found the second screen especially useful when I am running webinars – so I can easily see which slide is coming up next.

When it’s time to upgrade your desktop, get it 2 screen enabled, so you have the option ready if you decide to double up on screen space.

#5: SqueezePageToolkit

2014 was the year I shifted away from using LeadPages for my squeeze and sales pages, and moved fully into using Dan Harrison’s SqueezePageToolkit.

I wrote a review of the Toolkit earlier this year (here) and have since upgraded my account to Pro to get access to even more pages. I love the flexibility of it; the fact that you can easily create new pages from scratch, by dragging and dropping whichever elements (titles, images, videos, testimonials, etc.) you wish for into your page.

In LeadPages I lost count of the amount of times I would start editing one of their templates, get half way through and realise I needed an element that wasn’t included. You can’t edit their templates so I’d have to discard it and start again! Frustrating and such a fricking waste of time!

So if you’re looking for a simple to learn, easy to use squeeze and sales page builder, check out Dan’s SqueezePageToolkit here and sign up for a free trial to have a play.

That’s the first 5 – click here to read lessons 6-10

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen