That ^^^ is a statement I hear from a lot of business owners who are marketing online.

I think this is one of those lines where the person has been taught a strategy, swallowed it verbatim and is repeating it – but not thought about whether it’s a fact or a belief.

I spend a LOT of time observing and studying other people’s landing pages and funnels to hone my craft.

Along the way, I come across many a form with a mandatory telephone number field.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not dissing the strategy.

I absolutely see the value in asking for telephone numbers, so you have additional ways to follow up with people.

I totally understand why companies want to call people and speak with them personally.

And I have seen the data that shows when you do call people, you make more sales than when you do not.

I get it.

My point is simply that the statement is NOT ALWAYS TRUE!

And that believing this teaching unquestionably AND repeating it parrot fashion may be LOSING you sales too!

I buy a LOT of online programs, courses, products – at least 2-3 times a WEEK an online marketer will make a new sale to me.

As someone who is a yes to all these 4 reasons, you are NOT getting my actual phone number.

And even if by some miracle you do, you will NEVER have your call answered.

However, I DO have a ‘burner phone’ that is never on, but I use the number for WhatsApp on my actual phone.

If you tell me upfront that you are only going to send me WhatsApp text messages, I’ll give you my burner number.

Or, I will enter my number as 00000 000000.

Or, if it’s something I really want and you do need to speak to ‘me’, I’ll give you Bill’s number because he likes talking on the phone.

So, my advice if you are collecting phone numbers for follow up, do one of two things…

Make the phone number field optional.

Explain fully what you intend to do – e.g. if you will never call without pre-arranging a time, say so upfront.

Otherwise, I fear you will lose the people who would go on to become DREAM clients who will close your page to avoid giving you their number.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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