In this episode, Veronica speaks to Suzanne Dibble a small business law expert. They talk about networking on facebook during lockdown and the legalities of online business.

Veronica received incredible feedback on this discussion that was originally a Facebook live so persuaded Suzanne to let her share it with you all on the Introvert Online Podcast!


Suzanne and Veronica have been friends for over nine years, and in 2018, Veronica ran Suzanne’s Facebook group and wrote much of the copy for her highly-acclaimed GDPR Pack promotion.

Veronica learnt about different communication styles and this is what made her launch the introvert online podcast. So many programmes were aimed at extroverts and this led to many introverts feeling exhausted or burning out as they weren’t designed for them.

Veronica and Suzanne value different things so they bring different aspects to the table – neither of them needs to change their approach, it’s just different.

Our personalities can be different in real life to online. We might be really introverted offline but extremely extroverted once we are online, so it’s worth noting that.

This pandemic has shown us that we don’t know what is coming along in life and there are probably going to me many more things in life that will disrupt our businesses. We need to make them as resilient as possible.


“You’re really talking directly to your business audience and you’re sharing things of value with those people”

“Don’t separate business from personal, we’re human”

“It’s not our job to make decisions for other people about what they will and won’t like”

“Having flexibility in our contracts…it’s a really good opportunity to think about what could go wrong”


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