In this episode, Veronica talks about a few of the “tells” you may be displaying online that send out very clear signals to others that you are not available to help those who aren’t exactly like you, whether that be to do with race, gender, or ability.


Veronica acknowledges that she herself can often get things wrong. She knows she is not an expert in inclusion but what she is sharing with you is where she is in her own learning journey and hopes it will encourage you to pause for thought.

People may not be deliberately excluding people but they are not aware. We are all asleep to so many things.

We all have a duty to wake up to where our privilege and unconscious biases are inadvertently offending others.

We may not be aware that we are doing things that are hurtful to someone else but it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves.

Just being aware of the fact you have privileges and that you will partake in unconscious bias is the first step. Just remember that is isn’t up to others to educate you, there’s education everywhere, you need to do the work on educating yourself.


“Wake up to where your unconscious biases are leading you to inadvertently exclude people”

“All lives matter is an example of an unconscious bias…the fact that someone can say that is indicative that they are in a privileged position”

“That would be an amazing reality but it’s not the truth”


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