In my previous post, I talked about how I believe that a recent Facebook algorithm change is the beginning of a shift in Facebook marketing with business owners choosing to make better use of their Facebook Messenger Bot.

Before we get into the topic of this post, lemme give you a quick overview of why Messenger Bots will rock your world.

Reason to love Messenger Bots #1:

The two audience groups who are MOST LIKELY to subscribe to your Messenger Bot are your CAPTIVATED and COMMITTED audiences – the two most engaged and motivated groups in your audience.

(Click here to read more about the three groups in your audience, and how serving each group will increase the volume of enquiries and sales you generate from your online marketing.)

Reason to love Messenger Bots #2:

100% of your Messenger messages will be delivered, and instantly.

You don’t have to hope that the 2% or whatever percentage it is now of your page followers who are eligible to see your organic posts will actually notice your message.

Reason to love Messenger Bots #3:

75% or more of your Messenger messages will be opened AND read – my average is 86% – so you know that your marketing will be seen by your most engaged audience.

Reason to love Messenger Bots #4:

You can start using the Messenger Bot software to build your list of subscribers for free, and you don’t need to pay for Facebook ads to send follow-up with your subscribers!

Enough said.

Ok, now we’re clear on the general benefits of using a Messenger Bot, in this post, I want to highlight THREE specific marketing objectives that would produce better results using your Messenger Bot instead of relying on organic (page or profile) posts on Facebook.

3 Reasons Messenger Bot Marketing Better Than Facebook Posts

Messenger Bot Marketing Objective #1: Webinar Marketing

The segment of your audience who are most likely to subscribe to your Messenger marketing are broadly speaking, the same audience who will be interested in your webinar.

So, it makes sense to use Messenger to promote your webinar, ensuring that those who are most likely to register and attend the webinar, get to hear of it.

You can also invite people to register for your webinar by commenting on a page post, and have your Messenger Bot automatically send them the webinar info.

You’ll increase your webinar attendance by sending a “don’t forget we’re going live in 30 minutes” message from your Messenger Bot – with instant delivery.

And, you can increase your follow-up sales when you send a “last day reminder” message from your Messenger Bot to let them know that the offer you made at the end of your webinar is ending.

Messenger Bot Marketing Objective #2: Offline Event Marketing

Just like webinars above, you can increase your event attendance by inviting your audience to register for your event via your Messenger Bot, and sending a few ‘stick’ messages between their registration and attendance, building the buzz and excitement for attending.

Then, in the final few hours prior to the start of your event, send a Messenger message with all the venue and parking details, so they have what they need to find your event on their phone, making their journey smoother and their arrival stress-free.

Messenger Bot Marketing Objective #3: Flash-Sales (or Other Urgency) Marketing 

Since the Facebook algorithm update now drip-feeds your published Facebook posts to your followers’ newsfeeds over a few days, Messenger offers the best option for “urgency marketing”.

Your COMMITTED audience is most likely to be ready to buy, so being able to get the details of your 24-hour flash sale in front of the people who are most likely to be interested, with a guaranteed message delivery will bring your more sales too.

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