For the 70% of the population who are hired-wired to feel at their best, find their path of least resistance, and enjoy better results, effortlessly, “in-response”, to something initiated externally to them.

You might be an extrovert OR introvert in the typical sense… don’t let the reference to “introvert” put you off.

 If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator in Human Design, your ‘modus operandi’ – that is, the way you were BORN to thrive – is the more ‘introverted’ style: in-response.

Most of your time on social media is spent scrolling, reading other people’s posts, watching their videos, and leaving the occasional comment.

Every brilliant idea you have is preceded by, “I was watching, listening to, reading, observing’, etc.

Do you relate?

Then, The Introvert Online prodcast is especially for you.

As a 5/1, triple-split, emotional Generator in Human Design, I will be sharing tips and strategies for thriving in life, with ease and from flow.