Do You Publish Blogs on a WordPress Website?


Are You Posting Links to Your Blog Posts on Facebook?


Would You Like Your Blog Posts to be Visible to More of Your Facebook Audience?


After putting in the effort to craft engaging and authorative blog posts, you head over to Facebook to share your latest content. 


But, there's a problem...


If your post contains a link to an external (non Facebook) website, the reach, or visibility, of your post, is significantly decreased.


Not only that, Facebook will soon be increasing the penalty if your website is slow to load.


It's not all about what Facebook allow though.


Your audience's attention span is short. If your site doesn't load instantly, there's a high chance you'll lose their attention and they'll be gone, before they've even had a chance to read the first sentence of your blog.


That's why setting up Facebook Instant Articles on your WordPress blog is a PRIORITY for every blogger, marketer, and content creator!


As a Facebook Instant Articles publisher, your WordPress blog posts will open inside an INSTANTLY LOADING browser when the link is clicked by a Facebook user, on a mobile device.


Not only that, because Instant Articles is a native Facebook feature, your posts will be REWARDED with extra reach and visibility - plus, you'll avoid the slow-loading website penalty being applied when you link to your blog posts in Facebook.


See Facebook Instant Articles in Action


I Want to Make it Super Simple for You to Benefit from Becoming a Facebook Instant Articles Publisher...


Setting up Facebook Instant Articles is NOT the easiest process to figure out alone. 


I've seen many of my peers confused by the instuctions Facebook provide, and they consider themselves pretty tech savvy. 


Heck, it wasn't intuitive for me to understand either - and I spend a LOT of time interpreting Facebook speak!


But YOU don't need to figure it out alone. My zone of genius is reverse engineering processes like this to learn it myself first, then I can teach the how-to from the ground up - with every basic detail covered.


And that's what you're getting when you invest in my Simplified Instant Articles program.


Watch over my shoulder as I guide through the entire process of setting up Instant Articles from registering to publish, through to getting your articles approved - making the whole experience as simple as it can be for you.


Follow along with me, and by the end of the Simplified Instant Articles program, you'll be publishing Instant Articles like a ninja and enjoying the feeling of having more of your Facebook audience able to consume your blog content.


When you purchase the Simplified Instant Articles program, you’ll get instant access to a series of videos demonstrating each step of the process to becoming an Instant Article publisher.


Introducing the Simplified Instant Articles Program


Inside Simplified Instant Articles, you'll watch my screen as step by step I set up Facebook Instant Articles. We'll cover:

  • 1.

    Registering to become an Instant Articles publisher

  • 2.

    Installing the plugin and configuring the settings

  • 3.

    Connecting your website and authorising your URL

  • 4.

    Customising your articles' design

  • 5.

    Previewing your Instant Articles and approving their appearance

  • 6.

    Submitting your first 5 Production Articles to Facebook for review

  • 7.

    Converting your previous blog posts into Instant Articles

  • 8.

    Troubleshooting errors

Plus, you'll be invited to join my private support community where you can ask questions as you go along, and we'll be ready to celebrate with you at the end.


After all, there are very few people who will understand why you're so excited when you see your blog post as an Instant Article for the first time (it's a proper thrill!). 


While your family might think it's a bit sad, we get it. After all, we did a big SQUEEEE when we saw ours, too! :-)


Emma Kirkham

"Jargon-Free, Brilliant Program"

"I usually dislike video tutorials, but this program was just brilliant. 

Veronica doesn't use jargon, so everything was easy to understand and the sessions were concise and flowed well. 

It's a brilliant program!"

Lea Williams
Lea Williams Art

Get Instant Access to the Facebook Instant Articles Simplified Program


Facebook Instant Articles are only available for self-hosted WordPress websites/blogs. 

If the URL to your blog site contains '' please do not purchase this program.