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Therapist, or Service Provider?

How You Can Use Facebook to Increase Your Visibility, Create A Sustainable Income, And Make A Real Difference To The Lives And Businesses Of The People You Serve...


... - Even WITHOUT A Big Audience!


Would You Like to Attract a Consistent Stream of Inquiries, Email Subscribers, and Paying Clients from Facebook?


Do You Want to Build a Highly-Engaged Audience on Facebook Who See You as Their Go-To Expert Authority?


Read on to discover how to use the full power of Facebook to get your message in front of your ideal clients, so you can stand out from the crowd, and attract your dream paying clients – ease-ily...

Veronica Pullen | The Facebook Queen




The Social Expert Mastermind Club

Are you noticing that your Facebook post reach is reducing, engagement is decreasing, and getting noticed in the newsfeed is becoming more difficult?


Most people see this as a 'problem'.


In fact, it’s the opposite!


Truth is, in 2018, Facebook offers you a HUGE opportunity to increase your online visibility, create a sustainable income, and make a real difference to the lives and businesses of the people you serve - even WITHOUT a big audience!


When you know how to use the FULL power of Facebook marketing, networking, and advertising, you will...

  • 1.

    Get noticed AND HEARD by your ideal clients: becoming omnipresent to build a deeper connection so you aren't just 'another random person', but their preferred, trusted expert that they turn to, and CHOOSE to see in their newsfeed and inbox. People often say to me, "I heard xyz about Facebook so I came straight to you to hear your thoughts.". Because of how I have built my personal brand, I'm the first person they think of when they hear, "Facebook". You too will build expert positioning so you stand out from the crowd with zero 'competition'.

  • 2.

    Attract a steady flow of new enquiries, email/Messenger subscribers, and paying clients from your Facebook marketing, networking, and advertising from people who have already decided they want to work with you before you speak with them!

The Social Expert Mastermind is for experts like you (even if you're not entirely comfortable with calling yourself an expert yet!) who are driven by a passion to make your difference and get paid well for doing what you love.


Do you want to improve your Facebook networking, marketing, and advertising results, so you can attract, nurture, and get paid by your dream clients - with ease..?


  • 1.

    Facebook NETWORKING: build deep connection with your audience so they WANT to hear from you and pay attention to what you say.

  • 2.

    Facebook ADVERTISING: attract a flow of new like-minds into your audience, nurture your relationship, increase your brand awareness, and convert paying clients, for short and long-term ROI.

  • 3.

    Facebook MARKETING: creating content that adds value to your audience, so you establish your expert authority and become the first person they turn to when they want what you offer.

  • 4.

    Facebook MESSENGER BOTS: follow up with your most engaged audience with a Messenger Bot - where 75%+ of your messages are opened and read (compared to <25% of emails typically!)

The Social Expert Mastermind Club is for YOU if you want to use the full power of Facebook to build your personal brand and community - so you can grow your coaching, training, therapy, speaking, or other services-based expert business online...


... creating, promoting and selling your free and paid online programs, services, and packages, attracting your dream paying clients who are EAGER to invest in working with you!


(No minimum contract. Cancel at any time.)


As a Member of the Social Expert Mastermind, You Will Receive:


15-Minute 1:1 Strategy and Accountability Call With Me Each Month. 

Our monthly 1:1 calls are your opportunity to receive my help privately with creating your lead magnets, free 5-day online challenges or paid programs, services packages, or to critique your copy - or simply to bring me your biggest Facebook or business challenges.


You'll leave these calls with a bespoke action plan and accountability for what you'll achieve over the next 30 days - taking you another step nearer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. 


FULL Access to My Suite of Online Marketing and Business Training Programs for the Lifetime of Your Membership:

  • 1.

    10 Days to Sold Online (Value: £497)

  • 2.

    Lead Magnet Academy (VALUE: £199)

  • 3.

    Big Money, Small Audience (VALUE: £297)

  • 4.

    Painless Promo Copy (VALUE: £297)

  • 5.

    Facebook Messenger Bots for Beginners (VALUE: £99)

  • 6.

    Facebook Ads Success Foundations (VALUE: £27)

  • 7.

    Facebook Ads for Leads (Value £399)

  • 8.

    Simplified Instant Articles (VALUE: £27)

Access to my comprehensive library of training programs, covering a full variety of topics to help you attract more enquiries, subscribers, and paying clients from your Facebook networking, marketing, and advertising. 


You'll be guided where to focus your learning when we speak on your 1:1 calls. The objective is not to overwhelm you with content, but to ensure that you have what you need to achieve your goals with me personal help. 


Topics covered include:

  • 1.

    Getting clarity of your market, message, and micro-niche so you become an 'orange' who cannot be compared to the other 'apples' in your space.

  • 2.

    Creating your OMG EXCITING online program, package of services, or membership site so you can generate additional income streams, and your dream clients can access your expertise in the way that you most enjoy so they achieve their best results.

  • 3.

    Writing your high-conversion painless promo copy and building your sales pages so you can sell more of your programs and packages.

  • 4.

    Creating valuable content to build your expert authority, increase your Facebook visibility, plus build connection and audience assets.

  • 5.

    Advertising on Facebook strategically and profitably, so you can stop wasting money on poorly performing Facebook ads and boosted posts and start enjoying a short and long-term ROI from your ad spend, including reviewing stats for ads already active or completed so you understand the results you achieve.

  • 6.

    Crafting, promoting, and delivering compelling lead magnets and online challenges that your audience will be EAGER to access, so you can grow your email and Messenger Bot subscribers.

  • 7.

    Building your Messenger bot and setting up your automation flows, so you can follow up with your most-engaged audience who have given you permission to send your marketing messages to their personal Messenger inbox - where they are most likely to see your messages.

  • 8.

    As well as tips for managing your mindset, energy, and overcoming blocks to online success.

Monthly Online Group Mastermind Zoom Meeting Hosted by Me, With 10-Minute Hot Seats

Each month, we'll meet for a group call, where I will share what I've learned in my business recently, and you'll have the opportunity to bring your questions and challenges to the call and receive laser-coaching and peer support to get you unstuck.


Weekly "I am So Over the Overwhelm Wednesday” Brain Declutterer.

Reduce your marketing overwhelm and get clarity on your next steps towards achieving your goal, with this weekly thread in the group.


Dump your brain clutter into the post comments each week, and we’ll prioritise your tasks for that week, based on getting you closer to your goals.


Peer to Peer Masterminding, Connections, and JV Opportunities Within the Group 

Inside this close-knit community of your peers, you’ll make new peer friendships, who in time will likely become your biggest supporters, collaborators, and JV partners. 


Regular Behind the Scenes Access to What is Working Now. 

You'll be part of my inner circle, with regular behind-the-scenes insights from my own investment in learning and mentoring, business development, and marketing tests.


I'll be sharing what I learn with you as I go along, so you can swiftly deploy the tools and strategies that are working now, and avoid the pitfalls I am certain to encounter along the way.


PLUS... There Are 3 Bonuses:


BONUS #1: Participate Live in the 4-Week Facebook Ads for Beginners Online Program - Starts 26th February 2018. (VALUE £397)


Starting on Monday 26th February, I’ll be taking you step-by-step through how YOU can use Facebook advertising effectively and profitably in your business, in plain English, and you’ll be able to participate live at no extra cost.

We'll cover how to determine which advertising objective to choose, so you achieve the result you hoped for.


  • 1.

    THow to determine which advertising objective to choose, ensuring that you are buying the result you actually want.

  • 2.

    Detailed walkthrough of the Facebook ads platform so you understand how every box you tick and option you select impacts your overall outcome.

  • 3.

    Audience targeting - choosing the people who will see your ad, enabling you to focus your budget on getting in front of the people who WANT to see you.

  • 4.

    Remarketing ads so you can follow up with the segment of your audience who have already indicated their interest in you and invite them to take the next stepincreasing your results while reducing the cost per result so your ads budget goes further.

  • 5.

    Selecting the optimum placement for your ads - WHERE you choose to place your ads (newsfeed, Instagram, audience network etc) is as important as WHO you show your ads to. You'll discover how to choose the optimum placement for your ads to increase your results, and when to use and avoid each of them.

PLUS, I'll also be hosting additional Q&A sessions, exclusively for Social Expert Mastermind members, where I'll share additional Facebook ads tips and training, and you'll be able to ask questions and get my personal help as we go along. 


BONUS #2: Accountability Buddy for 'On the Ground' Support and Accountability

An extra benefit if you would like to be matched with an accountability buddy from within the group, for those times when you want a little extra support ‘on the ground’ from a friend who is on a similar online journey as you.



BONUS #3: Highlight Your Business in our Social Expert Quarterly Video “MegaWebinarand on my Social Expert TV Online Show (TBA).

Each quarter we'll host a group webinar, with slots available to Facebook Expert Mastermind members to share your message and demonstrate your expertise to a new, combined audience, including my own.


This is your opportunity to grow your online reach and attract new dream clients, from the power of collaboration.


Join the Social Expert Mastermind Club...

£99 per Month

(No minimum contract. Cancel at any time.)

"Doing my Best Work, From my Heart"

The biggest thing that has changed is really my attitude to what you need to start making money.

I created a course that came from the heart that I never expected to create but it ended up being the best work I've ever done, and completely different to anything I've ever done in the past.

It's very easy when you run a business to get hypnotised into thinking that you need very complex systems and sales funnels and landing pages and lead magnets to sell online.

Whilst all of those things are really good, they're not essential to get going, and they can become a barrier to just earning money.

So, the biggest takeaway, really, is that you can create and deliver an online programme without any of that fancy-schmancy stuff, and still make a really great sum of money.

Thinking of joining? Just do it. Don't hesitate.

If something about this program has attracted you, that is your calling to just do this and move forwards.”

Sam Bell
Elegant Marketing
"My Monthly Income is Now BEST EVER!"

What a different place I'm in now compared to 6 months ago when I joined you program and was stressing how I could afford to join because my monthly sales were on a downward slide and I couldn't work out why!

I'm so glad I followed your advice and trusted my gut and did make the leap!

Your insights, feedback, help and mentoring has been awesome and my business has made a 180 degree turn and my monthly income is now BEST EVER!”

Vee Smith
The Biz Tech Wiz

Join the Social Expert 

Mastermind Club...

£99 per Month

(No minimum contract. Cancel at any time.)