Personal Invitation From Veronica...

Get More Email Subscribers and Paying Clients From Facebook Advertising! 

Facebook Ads Success Program


Have you been dabbling with Facebook advertising, but given up because you realised you were spending more money on ads than you were getting back in sales?


Perhaps you've boosted a few page posts and got likes and comments, but you didn’t make any sales?


Maybe the idea of being able to put your ads in front of very specific audiences based on their previous behaviours excites you, but you don’t know how or where to start?


Firstly, you're not alone.   


It's a story I hear from business owners every single day, and frankly, there is a LOT of money being wasted by business owners on poorly performing ads.


Let’s be honest here, there are a lot of moving parts to being successful with Facebook advertising, and finding info online about the individual parts isn’t that difficult.


But it’s like a jigsaw puzzle – if you only buy a handful of the individual pieces, you will never get your picture completed. And any money you spend on the individual pieces will be wasted cash!


Let me explain:


Facebook ads success begins with your strategy. Without a Facebook ads strategy, you are hoping an isolated advert will produce results when you haven’t figured out how YOU are going to achieve those results!


Your audience: there is no one size fits all audience, so it’s important you can segment your audience by their level of interest, so you can advertise the right thing to the most receptive audience to increase your conversions, but also, so you can follow up and nurture your relationship.


By the way, this includes what you post in Facebook outside of your ads. There is a BIG opportunity to build better-targeted audiences for your advertising when you are strategic about what and where you post too.


Following up/nurturing: So many people only show up to their ads audience when they have something to promote, which means that their future ads get scrolled past (or worse, hidden) and you lose the LONG-TERM benefit of building a community of customers, referrers and raving fans who feel that you care about them more than their credit card!


If you’re making any of these mistakes, your advertising costs are higher than they should be, and your conversions are lower.


But I’m afraid there’s another reason it’s super important that you stop muddling through, and learn how to use Facebook advertising effectively – negative feedback and relevancy scores.


Potentially you are putting your ads account at risk if you choose not to ensure your advertising is effective and you start getting a lot of negative feedback and low relevancy scores.


What if you could have my personal help, holding your hand as you master EVERY piece of the Facebook advertising puzzle, so you can enjoy the benefits of knowing that you’ve got the entire picture in place, working profitably for YOUR business?




For coaches, trainers, therapists, speakers, experts, and services-based business owners who want to use Facebook advertising profitably and effectively to attract, connect and enrol their dream clients.


We'll cover...

  • 1.

    Audience gathering ads (and tracking) so you can segment your advertising according to their interests, to ensure you are always relevant.

  • 2.

    Lead generation ads to attract new email and Messenger subscribers (get your audience off Facebook for omnipresence away from the newsfeed).

  • 3.

    Sales conversion ads to convert your segmented, ready to buy audiences and subscribers into paying clients.

  • 4.

    And, brand awareness ads to stay front of mind for long-term omnipresence and conversions.

The Foundations of Profitable Facebook Advertising

Getting set up for maximum-profits advertising; creating and tracking micro-targeted interest from your cold audiences, to keep your cost per conversions as low as possible.


If you’re networking in Facebook groups, you’ll discover how you can benefit from additional remarketing ‘juice’ from your group presence – making it possible for you to put your ads in front of your fellow group members who are engaging with you.


We’ll also cover how and when to boost posts effectively to increase your ‘advertising assets’.


Crafting Your Lead Generation Ads Campaign to Attract Email Subscribers

Setting up your conversion optimised lead generation adverts to promote your lead magnet to the people in your audience who are MOST likely to opt in.


Attracting new email subscribers for less cost per conversion is the focus of this week’s session, and will include A/B split testing and knowing what is working when you understand the stats reported to your in Ads Manager. 


Remarketing and Follow Up Advertising to Increase Sales

The focus of this campaign is sales - promoting your paid program to your new leads and other engaged audiences for laser-targeted follow up and sales generation. 


You’ll discover how you can use Messenger ads to encourage your audience to open a conversation with you, enabling you to answer their questions and concerns, provide more information, and enrol your dream clients with ease.


Content Ads to Be Omnipresent, Build Connection and Increase Your Authority Positioning

Now your remarketing audiences have been building for a while, in this campaign, we'll nurture your relationship with your audience by giving them even more value upfront.


Content ads keep you front of mind, build deeper connection with your engaged audience, and make you the only expert they'll want to work with. 


Video Ads to Increase Audience Engagement and Expedite Trust Building

How you can use video to build highly engaged, laser targeted audiences, AND how to craft video ads to get a ‘foot in the door’ with your ideal clients, expediting the ‘meet, like, know, and trust’ factor that their being able to ‘meet you in person’ offers.


If you really want to stretch your comfort zone in 2017, then in this session, you’ll also discover how you can take your first steps with Facebook live - benefitting from the extra visibility ‘juice’ that Facebook gives to livestream videos. :-)



Evergreen Lead Generation and Sales Conversion on Autopilot

Now we’ve covered amost all of the different types of Facebook ads you could be using, and you’ve been building up your ‘advertising assets’, in this final session, we’ll cover lead gen ads, Instagram ads and Canvas too.


Then, we'll map out your autopilot advertising strategy for evergreen lead generation and sales conversion


By making use of this powerful audience feature, your autopilot advertising schedule will show an ad for the next step, to everyone who took the previous step – on autopilot.


So, as well as setting up an autopilot ads campaign, we’ll also explore how you can increase your customer lifetime value for long-term advertising profitability.


By implementing what we'll cover together in our 1:1 mentoring calls, you will significantly increase the volume of leads and sales you can expect to generate from your ads, in both the short and long term. 




6 x 1:1 45-minute calls with me to set up, review, and split test your ads campaigns. 


All calls are recorded, so you’ll take away your own personal collection of bespoke training, with your ads campaigns live and working for you inside your own ads account.


Unlimited email support between calls: Any questions that come up for you as you work on your ads in between our calls, simply email me for a fast response.



No generic training that you won’t watch. It’s me by your side, for 6 weeks, training ‘on the job‘, fully bespoke to you.



Are you ready to ready to get hyper smart with Facebook advertising to grow your personal brand and build your expert authority so you can attract a continual flow of enquiries and paying clients... and can stop pouring money away on ads that don't deliver results?


Work Privately With Me, 1:1, for 6 Weeks to Put Your Bespoke, Profitable Facebook Advertising Strategy Into Play.





(Plus, minimum advertising budget of £15/day)


So Who is Private Facebook AdVertising Mentoring For?  

  • 1.

    You are a coach, trainer, therapist, speaker, expert, or service-based business owner who wants to use Facebook advertising profitably and effectively to attract, connect and your dream paying clients.

  • 2.

    You have an existing business with paying clients, making £2,000+/month so you know what you sell is what people want to pay for.

  • 3.

    You want to find a way to get Facebook advertising working PROFITABLY in your business

  • 1.

    You DON’T need to have built a big tribe online – we’ll be working on that during the program.

  • 2.

    You DON’T need to have a lead magnet already – we can create it as part of our work together.

  • 3.

    You DON'T need to have ever run Facebook ads before... if you're new to advertising, this would be an ideal opportunity to avoid making the rookie errors that cost so much time and money.

You'll leave with a high-profit Rapid Conversion Funnel in place, and a cycle of adverts that are bringing in new leads and premium clients – on autopilot.

"Doubled my Leads and Halved my Costs!"

Prior to working with Veronica to learn Facebook ads, I had given up advertising on Facebook as I was getting poor results, and the cost per conversion was high.

However, in the first week of following Veronica's strategies, I have already got double the amount of leads, but the best part is that I've halved the costs!

Vee Smith
"Veronica Makes Facebook Advertising Super Easy!"

We’ve been on Facebook ads training before, but still not really understood how it all works. 

But the way that Veronica teaches has made the whole topic super easy to grasp. It all makes perfect sense now.

She’s really patient, and teaches the whole process, step-by-step, and explains the reasoning behind each action. So you not only understand what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it.

As well as being a whiz at teaching Facebook ads best practice, her insight into our audience astounds me. 

We know our ideal client avatar very well, but having Veronica on hand to review the copy we write has opened our eyes to a whole other level of understanding of the way they think. 

She gets inside their head and picks up on things that would never have occurred to us.

She’s very clever, and I’m so grateful to have access to her specialism.

Tamsen Garrie and Gary Johannes
"£1,832 in 3 Weeks as a Direct Result of This Program"

In 3 weeks, I've made £1,832 (plus another £2,500 of possible new business lined up), directly as a result of implementing what you teach in your '6 Weeks to Hot Leads & Premium Clients from Facebook' program.

And not only did I pause my ads for a week while I took a holiday, I'm only halfway through the training!    

Working with you has helped me to really focus in on how I can benefit my clients. I realise that in the past I've been marketing in too general a way, which has made it hard work.

By following what you teach, the discovery calls I'm doing are SO much easier, and I'm converting more calls into sales than EVER before!

Nicola Humber

Testimonial From Amanda Tooke


Within 10 days, Amanda generated 454 OPT-INS at an everage of 21p each!

"Helped my Client Generate Almost £5k"

I studied with Veronica on the 1:1 Facebook Ads Success Mastermind course this summer. 

As I am a Virtual Assistant, my aim was the learn the theory and strategy in order to create a package of support to manage Facebook Ads for future clients.

To do this and put the training into practice, I offered one of my own clients to be a test case study and work for free on developing the campaigns and assets.

We helped my client to create:

[*] 2 Lead Magnets to be used in future campaigns to attract more leads

[*] Squeeze pages to direct visitors to download lead magnets 

[*] A sequence of sales emails that helped convert leads to customers 

[*] Asset audiences that track visitors to the Facebook page and website

Through working through the modules and with Veronica’s support and mentoring, my client’s ad spend of c£1000 resulted in

[*] 4 VIP programme enquiries worth a potential sales value of £3996

[*] 3 new customers with a lifetime customer value of £540

[*] Ad-hoc product and book sales from remarketing adverts

[*] Tested targeted audiences on Facebook that we have proven to convert to leads, which we can target in future campaigns 

[*] A 7-day customer journey that we have tested and tweaked and data to prove what converts best in terms of format of lead magnet, sales pages, ad copy, and ad images, 

[*] Multiple Facebook tracking audiences and email automation sequence that continue to work for my client 

[*] A 25% increase to the client’s main email marketing list 

I really enjoyed working 1:1 with Veronica – I found her advice invaluable and the training videos were so comprehensive and covered everything I would need in the future to guide my own clients, plus I have been able to help existing clients with campaigns already. 

I will certainly be referring back to the notes I made – my Facebook Ads Bible!

The mentoring calls that we had over the period of training weren’t just about what to do. 

We discussed at length the strategy behind the campaigns and I really felt as though we were working together rather than her teaching or telling me what to do. 

The extra help and knowledge that she gave me on these calls were golden nuggets that I wouldn’t have got through the self-study course alone.

I always felt I could ask for advice whenever I was stuck through the process too and send her copy to evaluate throughout the design process, and she would reply quickly and give me honest feedback. 

I would always recommend her to any clients or Virtual Assistants looking to expand their knowledge of Facebook Ads – she certainly is the Social Marketing Queen!

Alex Platt
Swift VA
This is a "No-Risk Decision"
For You Today...

If before the end of your first call with me, you decide that I cannot give you the tools, resources, and strategies to use Facebook advertising effectively and profitably...

Then I'll refund your investment in full.


Work Privately With Me, 1:1, for 6 Weeks to Put Your Bespoke, Profitable Facebook Advertising Strategy Into Play.






(Plus, minimum advertising budget of £15/day)