Want To Attract 

More Paying Clients Online?

Are you struggling to stand out from the “noise” online and you want to make a real difference to the lives of the people you serve? 


Read on to discover how you can increase your online visibility and create the income you want for you and your family, even if you haven’t got a huge list…


Demand for space in the Facebook newsfeed is EXCEEDING capacity!


The algorithm is reducing how many newsfeeds your posts appear in, engagement on the posts that do get seen is decreasing, and standing out from the noisy crowd is becoming more and more difficult.


But... it does not have to be bad news for you! 


Intimacy and relevancy is the key to becoming front of mind with your ideal clients and making a good income online.


Many people are choosing to filter out the vast majority of noise and focus their attention on a few, selected experts, with whom they have a connection and get value from.


And when I look down the list of the handful of experts I pay the most attention to on Facebook – 

  • 1.

    … the people I have set up to ‘see first’ so their motivating words are the first thing I seewhen I open Facebook each day

  • 2.

    … for whom I receive a notification when they post so I don’t miss anything they say

  • 3.

    … and whom I have spent the most money with

They have ALL hosted a free online challenge that I signed up for!


It's been said that online challenges are "the future of lead magnets!"


I agree.


We live in an information world. Information is coming at us 24/7 from every direction.


More information is not what we crave.


What we crave is connection.


It’s also difficult online to discern who can walk their talk. It’s hard to know who to trust when you are looking to invest in getting help.


Hosting your own online challenge is an opportunity to gather your audience in your “private event”…


... bringing together a group of people who have already expressed an interest in you


... to showcase your knowledge – prove you can be trusted to deliver.


...to create a deeper connection … REALLY get to know them, and they you.

    ... to help them personally to experience a “mini-transformation” in their life or business


... then for those who are ready, to invite them to work with you as a paying client.


When you have shared an experience with someone, you feel connected with them. You care more about what they have to say than you do about people you only know in passing.


Of course, there will be people participating in your online challenge who won’t be ready to work with you yet.


But, when they are ready to invest, or they hear of someone who needs help with what you offer, you’ll be much more memorable to them than someone with whom they haven’t got that deep connection with.


Hosting your own, free online challenge is like hosting the biggest event you can imagine, filled with ONLY your ideal clients... 


A free online challenge I hosted in May brought £11,000 in sales within 7 days.


One of my private clients hosted her free online challenge recently and received five applications to her $3,000 program within 4 days.


You can even automate your online challenge later, if you don’t want to continue delivering it live! 


Introducing My BRAND-NEW, 

"Big Money, Small Audience" 

LIVE, Online Program


Get Instant Access to the Big Money Small Audience Program Now...




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Join me and your fellow coaches, trainers, therapists, speakers, and services-based business owners inside my BRAND-NEW, “Big Money, Small Audience” program... 


...   where you’ll receive my personal help to host YOUR high conversion, free online challenge, including: 



[*] The THREE different objectives for hosting your online challenge so you can ensure you will achieve your desired result.


[*] Designing your ideal client so your challenge marketing is heard by the people you want to participate.


[*] Mapping your customer journey and how your online challenge will gently guide your prospective clients 'up the staircase' towards your paid programs or services.


[*] Getting clarity on the mini-result that your challenge will deliver, and the topics you'll cover to leave your participants both sated and hungry for more.



[*] Crafting the promo copy to attract your audience to participate in your challenge and share with their friends


[*] Building the registration process so you are growing your email and/or Messenger subscribers with each new registration for your online challenge


[*] Promoting your challenge on Facebook and getting in front of the people who are most likely to be eager to participate in your challenge



[*] Creating and publishing your daily challenge content, including the free software I useto record and host face to camera or screen share videos and host them online for easy access 


[*] The simple system I use to make it super easy for participants to access the daily challenges. This is important because if they struggle, they 'check out' of your challenge emotionally - and you've lost them forever


[*] The powerful 'extra step' that can increase the number of participants by 25%+ AFTER the live challenge has ended - often these 'late entrants' are your highest converting segment of participants so missing this step can hurt your short-term results


[*] WOWing as the 'host with the most' during the challenge, as you support and celebrate your participants, creating connection, and elegantly seeding the next step 



[*] The 'bridge' process to invite your challenge participants to continue working with you inside your paid program or service


[*] My enquiry tracking process and following up without being pushy


[*] Long-term relationship nurturing to further deepen your connection with your participants, so you continue to stay front of mind


[*] Automating your online challenge and creating an evergreen lead generation and sales conversion funnel for your business


[*] Attracting JV partners to promote your challenge to their audience and how to track partner registrations and sales



  • 1.

    BONUS #1: Facebook Messenger Bots4Beginners Program (VALUE £99) Step by step, how to ethically enroll your challenge participants via Facebook Messenger, and be granted permission to send your challenge content and ongoing marketing messages to your most engaged audience's personal Facebook Messenger inbox - where there is close to a 100% chance of your message being opened and READ!

  • 2.

    BONUS #2: Facebook Ads Success Foundations Program (VALUE £47) Facebook is becoming stricter over who they allow to advertise. They ONLY want advertisers who are prepared to make the effort to be RELEVANT having access to their users.The only way you can ensure relevancy is to track what your audience is indicating interest in, and show them ads relevant to their interests. This program shows you how to track your audience's interests in Facebook.

  • 3.

    BONUS #3: Simplified Facebook Instant Articles Program (VALUE £10) If you are writing blogs on your WordPress website and you want more of your Facebook audience to read your blog posts, then getting Instant Articles set up is a MUST. With Facebook penalising posts from slow-loading websites, and also posts that attempt to take users off their site, then unless your blog posts are being cloned inside Facebook Instant Articles, you can expect your readership to drop dramatically very soon. This program will show you how.

Inside my Big Money Small Audience program, you will get step by step training and my personal help to: 

  • 1.

    Grow your email and Facebook Messenger subscriber audience when you host a free online challenge that your audience are eager to particpate in

  • 2.

    Create a free challenge that gives your ideal clients a result, or relief from 'their pain', and overdeliver in value to demonstrate that you genuinely care that they positively benefit from participating

  • 3.

    Connect with your like-minds and build a deeper relationship with the people who will recognise you as their go-to person

  • 4.

    Elegantly invite your participants to take the next step with you at the end of the challenge, so you can support them at a deeper level when they become paying clients and raving fans

By the way, you'll have forever access to the program content , so you can rewatch any or all of the sessions at any time in the future.

My 7-Day 100% Money Back & Work With Me For Free Promise to You

If within 7 days, you do not feel that I've delivered on my promise to show you how YOU can create and host your own online challenge...

... and you've attended the brainstorm session and submitted your week one assignments for my review, then I'll refund you in full, and you can keep access to all the program and bonus content.

"5 Applications for my $3,000 Program!"

Veronica’s Big Money Small Audience process helped me to create a brand new online challenge, which I ran in August.

I have run free challenges before but they always felt icky to me and a waste of time because I didn't have the flow in place to lead my audience onwards to buying from me.

The Challenge I ran with Veronica's help was totally different.

Over 200 people signed up and 90 of them actively participated in the challenge… leading to 5 applications to work with me in my $3,000 program at the end of the challenge!

What's even better is that I had so much fun running the challenge, and my participants really enjoyed it too. 

I just loved the whole process and I’m excited now to run it again!

Yvonne Halling
"150% ROI Within One Month!"

I have hosted several free online challenges previously, but I learned so much in Big Money Small Audience.

My registration numbers QUADRUPLED!

Buyers of my subscription program increased, even though the price was higher than I had previously charged...

... so just in this first month I have generated a 150% ROI from my investment in the program!

And, overall, Veronica has taught me a great process that I can use over and over again, and build on to grow my business online. 


Sandra Pilarczyk

You clearly want to attract more paying clients online from hosting a free online challenge, or you wouldn't be reading this.


The Big Money Small Audience program is the lowest cost option to get my help with creating a challenge that YOUR audience will love, so you can stand out from the crowd online and attract your dream paying clients.


By now, your gut will be telling you if this is for you or not...


So, it's time to make a decision!

Join the "Big Money Small Audience" Online Program Now...



Pay in Full: £297 (Best Price)


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"Personally Embodies the Five Laws of a Go-Giver"

Not only does Veronica personally embody the Five Laws of The Go-Giver, she’s terrific at relating them to Social Media in her teaching. 

I know there are a lot of people who emulate her, and they should because she really does a fantastic job.

Bob Burg
Co-Author of The Go-Giver
"Filled my First Ever Live Challenge, and Creating the Program Felt So Aligned and In-Flow!"

I have been blown away with all that I have learnt from Veronica

I filled my first ever live challenge, and creating the program felt so aligned and in flow.

I have been inspired to push myself way out of my comfort zone and produce content and offers that I am really excited and proud of.

Veronica has a real no nonsense approach, whilst at the same time being incredibly supportive and nurturing. 

She really does deserve the title of Social Marketing Queen - not only does she know her stuff inside and out, but she is incredibly generous with her time and support. I wouldn't say she goes the extra mile for her clients but that she goes the extra 100 miles.

I am her new number one fan 😂”

Jane Jackson
The Superwoman Therapist