… For Introvert Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Therapists, Speakers, Experts, & Service-Providers
Who Want To Generate Leads & Sales From Facebook Marketing – WITHOUT Paid Advertising!

An Audience with Veronica …

Veronica Pullen is a marketing mentor who teaches introverted service providers how to generate leads and sales through Facebook – without paying for advertising.

She has taught her unique Mile-Deep Marketing® method to thousands of introverted business owners, helping them use their introvert communication preference, strategically and effectively, to build relationships with their potential clients on Facebook.

Born with 70% hearing loss and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 12, it was the diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa 25 years ago and the subsequent automatic revocation of her driving licence that motivated her to move her social life online.

After meeting her husband Bill through Facebook in 2008, they live-tweeted their wedding day. Several UK-based celebrities “attended” virtually – as did their cat.

Ten years on, Veronica and Bill run the business from their UK home, working entirely online, generating six-figure sales.

Introverted, Veronica Pullen, ever-ready with a witty comeback, and almost never seen without an Apple device in her hand, a cup of tea beside her, and her Prince William and Chihuahua Princesses nearby.

True to type Capricorn, high-Dynamo energy Creator (Star/Mechanic), INFP, Veronica is rarely spotted offline, but online, omnipresent, delivering her unique brand of 5* attention in every royal engagement.

Just don’t show up with instant coffee, an errant apostrophe, a problem-focused mindset, or wearing white socks or you’ll be sent to the tower to orf with your ‘ead!

Business Credentials …

Creator of the Mile-Deep Marketing Method® – for introvert coaches and experts who want to use their introvert instincts to generate paying clients from their organic Facebook marketing.

Best performing referral marketer for the Small Business Success Summit – filling more places at the event than any of their other referrers (including some big name marketers!)

​Top performing referral marketer for Katya Varbanova’s “Visual Content Templates” – the FIRST partner to sell 100 bundles, and generating 9% of their TOTAL sales within 7 days!

Winner of Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants “Small Business Coach of the Year” award.

Winner of Entrepreneurs Circle “Surrey Entrepreneur of the Month” award – twice.

Winner of Entrepreneurs Circle “Make it Happen” award.

Winner of Theo Paphitis’ “Small Business Sunday” award.

Winner of Entrepreneurs Circle “UK Entrepreneur of the Month” award.

​Shortlisted in Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants “Trainer of the Year” award.

Finalist in Entrepreneurs Circle Entrepreneur of the Year awards in “Marketing Campaign of the Year” category.

Surrey Mirror monthly social media columnist for two years.

Meet the Team …

Bill Boswell (Prince William) – Head Butler …

Veronica’s husband and our Customer Relationship Manager.

Winner of several customer service awards, and with a passion for delivering an outstanding experience to our clients,

He’s a movie, comedy, and music geek, running his own movie blog at BarkingMadAboutFilms.com and his most prized possession is his Unlimited Cineworld Card.

Bill also manages Pepper and Teddy’s Facebook page, and regularly wins Twitter contests – ensuring a regular arrival of what Veronica calls “clutter” through the letterbox!

(Princesses) Pepper and Teddy – Diva Chihuahuas …

And finally, meet Pepper, and Teddy, the ‘Teacup‘ Chihuahua twosome.

Wanting a slice of the Facebook attention for themselves, they set up and run their own “My Teacup Chihuahua” Facebook page, in between eating, snuggling under the duvet, and enjoying cuddles.

Both Pepper and Teddy are convinced that every knock at the door is Simon Cowell, arriving to audition them for “Dog Idol”.

So, don’t be alarmed if you suddenly hear them launch into a rendition of their “yap song” next time you’re on a Zoom call with Veronica or Bill.

The (Almost) Award-Winning Story
of the House on the Isle of Wight …

My love affair with the Isle of Wight began in 1977.

My mum and dad took me on holiday to the island, staying in a hotel near the cliff walk in Shanklin.

As it turned out, that was our last ever family holiday. My dad died very suddenly, three months later. I was one month away from my 7th birthday.

A few months later, I joined a “Friday Club” at a local church. It was ‘the ‘place to go on Friday evenings for kids my age.

Each August, they’d take a group of ‘Friday Clubbers’ to the Isle of Wight for a week’s adventure holiday. One year, I went with them. I was probably 9 or 10.

By some ‘happy accident’ (!!), the hostel we stayed in was only a few metres along the cliff path from the hotel I stayed with my mum and dad.

In-between the hotel and the hostel is a green area with benches. That area was where I most felt the spirit of my dad.

In adulthood, I would holiday on the island each year, and top of my ‘must do’ list was to visit that green area to ‘see’ my dad.

I’d spend half the year looking forward to being on the island for a week, and the other half of the year aching to be back there after our annual trip.

It was my dream to live on the island. I couldn’t see how it would be possible though.

It’s not somewhere you move to if you rely on permanent employment and a good salary, and both me and my husband did.

Fast-forward to 2013.

I’d built my business to a point where we could afford for my husband to quit his full-time job and join the business.

We were ‘location independent’.

Now, there was NO reason why we could not move to the Isle of Wight.

The annual trip to the island was only a few weeks away. We decided that if we found the right house during that week, we’d move.

We found the right house. My 20+ year dream was looking like it might actually be happening! OMG!

Sitting at the desk of the rental agent, we explained that we still owned a place in Surrey, so for the short-term we’d be paying for both homes.

I could sense the agent didn’t believe we could afford it. She didn’t say anything, but written all over her face was “yeah, whatever?!”

“Before I can submit your application, I’m going to need to see a bank statement with enough cleared funds to cover 6 months rent, your removal costs, and the deposit.

AND I need three written character references from people who have known you for 3+ years – by 9am on Monday morning.”

It’s 4pm on Friday.

She’s smirking. She thinks she’s called me out.

I return her smile.

“Sure. I’ll get all that over to you first thing Monday”, I replied confidently while mentally calculating the balance of my PayPal account.

I think there’s enough in there but I’m not certain.

I’m also wracking my brain for who I can ask to write me a character reference over the weekend.

I check PayPal… the balance is short!

We jump in the car to travel home, and I fire up PayPal.

I’m £2,000 short of what we need.

4 years earlier, I was declared bankrupt so I had no credit cards to fall back on either.

For this move to happen, it’s up to me to generate an ADDITIONAL £2,000 over the weekend…

I’ve got to pull something out of the bag, if for no other reason than to wipe the smile off that agent’s face!

But how?

Saturday morning, I’m talking to a friend and telling her the story.

“What you need is a Jeff Walker tax promotion”.

A what?

As the story goes, many years ago, Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula creator) received an unexpected tax bill.

He put together a ridiculously no-brainer offer, and told the story of why he was offering so much for so little. Very quickly he had enough to cover the bill.

So I put together a no-brainer offer to work with me 1:1, capped to 5 people.

I built a sales page where I told the story I’m telling you now – and at 3.15pm on Sunday afternoon, I sent an email to my list…


And that’s when things got VERY interesting…

To distract ourselves, we headed out for the afternoon.

Within minutes, as Bill was putting the car into gear, my phone pinged with a PayPal notification.
I had made the first sale.
Within 4 HOURS – and before I could get back on my computer to turn the sales page off, I had made 7 sales! 
Target = SMASHED!  

UH-OH… the character references!

In all the focus on the offer, I realised I’d forgotten about the character references. Argh!

I sent an email to Nigel Botterill, CEO of the national business growth group I was a member of.

I told him the story, and asked could he please do me the biggest favour and give up some of his Sunday evening to write something for me.

His reply came straight back.

“You’ll have it in an hour.”

Two more emails sent. Two more replies.

What happened next was mind-blowing!

Three of those seven people emailed me to say they didn’t want the program they had purchased.

They told me that they’d bought because they wanted to give back to me. They wanted to help me achieve my dream.

How AMAZING is that?!

That’s what Mile-Deep Marketing will do for YOU too…


You’ll build a connection with your audience online, they’ll receive a ton of value from you being present and sharing your expertise, which benefits their business…


… then they will want to give back to you when you invite them to buy!

Ready to discover how YOU can reach thousands of YOUR ideal clients on Facebook, build connection, respect, and trust, and generate a consistent stream of leads and sales using your INTROVERTS’ Facebook ADVANTAGE…?