We all have at least one thing we perceive as different about ourselves, even if the only difference you perceive in yourself is your introversion.

Veronica met someone this week whose view about their own difference is polar opposite to her own. Something they said stopped Veronica in her tracks.

So, in this episode, Veronica questions how you feel about your own differences, and those of the people you meet. Do you ‘expect’ or ‘accept’ equal consideration for your differences?

And Veronica asks, does expecting to participate equally make you ‘entitled’?


Veronica is used to having to always ask for what she needs, something many people wouldn’t even have to consider. It can be extremely frustrating and really tiring having to have these conversations over and over again.

Are people too selfish to think about what others need or is it that we are just more aware of what directly affects our day-to-day world more? Perhaps we only have a capacity to think about a few things so most of us spend that time thinking about things that affect us directly.

Every single one us have differences – you should not feel ‘grateful’ for being accepted for your differences, whether that be because of your disability, your introversion, or anything else.

All of us individuals dog-tail each other so that we all fit into the puzzle somewhere. Everything balances out.

Veronica wants to stop extroversion being the default, without introverts the extroverts are talking to themselves. Introverts ‘fuel’ the extroverts.


“People say I have a great sense of empathy which is probably right because everything impacts me directly….so I have more awareness than the average person”

“My differences are what create my gift, your differences are what create your gift”

“You are a valuable being – your differences are not just ‘good enough’ they are your magic”.


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Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
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