Have you ever edited a website page or blog post name, description or image, and the next time you post the link on Facebook, the link preview is still showing the old info?

This is what I’m referring to – the link preview that appears under your Facebook post when you share a link to your website page or blog post:


If I was to update either the image shown here, the headline under the image, or the description under the headline now, they wouldn’t automatically update in Facebook. The next time I shared the link, it would still show what you see here.Because it’s so prominent, when it’s showing out of date info, it’s really frustrating.

Because it’s so prominent, when it’s showing out of date info, it’s really frustrating.

But there is a very easy fix…

To get Facebook to show the updated preview info, you need to manually ‘force’ Facebook’s servers to scrape your page/post again, and update the info it is pulling through.

This process is called ‘debugging’.

To debug your URL, paste it here:


… and click on ‘fetch new scrape information’.

You may need to click on this button a few times (5 or 6 is typical) before the preview refreshes correctly, but don’t be too aggressive with the button as you may end up getting the link blocked 🙂


That’s it. I recommend you bookmark the link as you’re bound to need it at some stage soon! 🙂


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen