When you find something you really like; whether it’s a product or service, it’s great to be able to share the love with your friends and community, so they can benefit.

You’d recommend it for free, but it’s a nice reward when you can make extra income too.

And how about when you buy something online that you were going to buy anyway, buy you get paid a cash bonus? Sound good?

I’m not talking about the long winded stuff like collecting 1p for every carrier bag you can take to the supermarket. Nor the type of “get rich quick ideas” that have left a trail of broken hearts and promises.

What I am sharing with you here, are the (what I call) “cash bonus methods” that I use, that periodically dump a bit of extra spending money in my bank account, outside of the day to day business transactions.

This week, collectively, 3 of the 4 methods below will be depositing roughly £620 into my bank account.

So keep reading to discover how you can make extra cash from your favourite suppliers too …

Before we start, I do want to make one thing clear…

I never make recommendations based on earning a kickback. Ever! If I recommend something, it is because a) I’ve spent my own money on It, b) I LOVE it, and c) I genuinely believe it will add value to my community.

I’m sure you’re the same… but I just wanted to put that out there, just in case someone who isn’t as conscious as you and I reads this as a recommendation to turn into “Mr/Ms Spammy Promoter!” in the hope of getting a bigger payday. (They won’t!)

Ok? Let’s roll…

Make extra income from your favourite suppliers

#1: Quidco – get paid when you buy online

I first discovered Quidco when I was unemployed and spending my days on the Money Saving Expert forums looking for the 5p savings and free stuff, but I’m still a fan today.

You log into your Quidco account, click through to the retailer from their site, and buy what you were going to buy anyway. Then you’ll be paid the cashback %age for that retailer.

So, for example, P&O Cruises pay 6% cashback. This week we booked our next cruise, and for every £100 we spent on the cruise holiday, we’ll be getting £6 back in cash.

Then I bought the travel insurance, and the insurance company we use pay 15% cashback.

You can choose whether to be paid direct to your bank, or Amazon gift certificate, but it’s a great way to get regular ‘bonus income’ from buying what you were going to buy anyway.

(£345.89 of the £620 came from Quidco)

Visit Quidco.com and receive £5 credit in your account when you use this link.

#2: Amazon Associates – get paid to recommend your favourite books (or anything that can be bought from Amazon)

Amazon Associates is the affiliation arm of Amazon, and your first step is to create an Associates account (it’s separate to your usual Amazon account).

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to extract affiliate links for every product on Amazon, and also build a widget to sit on your website, so visitors can buy from Amazon, direct from your website – and you get paid commission from the sale.

If you visit my “Business Books I Recommend” page on my website, you’ll see I’ve got a widget embedded there with all of my favourite business book listed. Easy huh?

You can edit your widgets at any time, and you can create multiple versions if you want different widgets on other pages.

When you’re logged into your Associates account, you’ll also have a separate toolbar at the top of your screen when you visit Amazon. From that toolbar, you can grab your affiliate link to the product that is showing on the screen… handy if you want to recommend something to a friend who is asking for the link.

(£50 of the £620 came from Amazon Associates)

Create your Amazon Associates account

#3: Affiliates – get paid to recommend software, online services and information products

Have you bought software, used an online service, invested in information products or mentoring from someone you rate highly?

Ask them if they have an affiliate scheme?

If you’ve had a great experience of something or someone, you’re likely talking about it anyway. But with your unique affiliate link, you’ll be paid commission every time someone makes a purchase via your link.

For example, I pay commission on my digital programs, and many of my peers also offer affiliate commission to their clients too. It won’t hurt to ask if you’d recommend them anyway.

I use Katya Varbanova’s Viral Content Templates to create graphics for my social media posts. She sells them in a bundle of 100 templates for $30.

So I created a page where I share why I recommend the templates, show you a few graphics I have made using them and take you behind the scenes in a video walkthrough so you can see what you’d be buying.

Take a look at the page here: https://www.veronicapullen.uk/vcb

#4: PayPal Working Capital – a new way to access working capital needed to grow your business

Slightly different to the other 3 tips because this is a loan, and also PayPal may not be one of your favourite suppliers.

But if you are in need of working capital, and you are processing your sales income through a business PayPal account, PayPal’s working capital finance option offers you an opportunity to receive a sum of money directly into your PayPal account within minutes.

Repayments are collected via a pre-agreed percentage of all income received into your PayPal account, plus a one-time fixed fee will be added.

It’s worth a look if you require a higher value of cash than the three tips above could be reasonably expected to provide.

Paypal Working Capital 

Do you have experience of any of these? Are there others that I’ve missed?

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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