I was talking to one of my clients yesterday, and we were discussing her goals and objectives for marketing on social media… and in particular, why she felt somewhat ‘stuck’ and unable to get any traction on her campaign.

She had joined my mastermind program in May having recognised the importance of social media marketing and having made the decision that she wanted to learn how to market her business properly. In the past 4 months, she has watched the training videos inside my program, attended a good number of our group calls and had made some good progress… but it wasn’t as much progress as it could have been.

As a mentor, this is also frustrating for me. I watch many of my clients go off and achieve amazing results for their business. But then I see others who have access to the same content and my time, yet struggle to get very far at all.

So what is stopping them?

Well, of course the real reason wasn’t the reason they gave me… lack of time. That’s was just an excuse if you like, covering up something that runs much deeper.

The real reason was that she was over-thinking everything. Over-thinking is deadly… you spend so long thinking and analysing that you never get anything started. And I’m sure you’ve heard the mantra, “doing something badly is better than doing nothing well.”

Over-thinking your social media marketing

Plus, you’re very likely to be wrong in your thinking. How do YOU know what your audience want? How can YOU be 100% sure that the reason people won’t be interested in you or buy from you is because your website isn’t quite perfect yet, or you don’t have enough posts on your blog, or whatever else you’re telling yourself is more important than meeting new people on social media?

If you are spending all your time in your business, or doing work on your business that you think is vital, what would happen if you did all that work and then nobody visited your website or read your blog posts?

If you knew that to be a certainty, would it still be a vital job that you had to prioritise in front of spending some time on social media?

Now, I don’t want to be a scare-monger, but if you aren’t actively marketing and engaging on social media, there is a very real danger of that happening. You can’t expect people to suddenly wake up tomorrow and realise you are the person they must take notice of when they don’t know who you are today.

Relationships have to be built, and that’s not an overnight process. When was the last time you attended an offline event, and as you walked into the room, you were approached by a stranger who immediately placed an order with you?

It doesn’t happen, does it?

So, I urge you to take a step back from your daily overwhelm, and look at every task you are doing during your day. Is every task taking you one step nearer to your financial goals? Can you really not afford to spend 15-30 minutes a day (spread across the day) building relationships on social media… even if it meant you wouldn’t have any customers in 3 months time?

Lots of business owners regularly attend networking events but I’ve worked out that to attend the average 2 hour breakfast networking meeting will take you away from your desk for approximately 4.5 hours each time. 3 hours for the meeting (you usually arrive before the start of the meeting for coffee and networking, and never leave immediately at the end), 30 minutes travel each way and 30 minutes to send follow up emails to the people you met.

In those 4.5 hours, you’ve shared a room with, say 25 people… and spoken properly to maybe 5 or 6. In the same 4.5 hour timeframe, you could write 90 tweets (allowing 3 minutes per tweet) which could be 10 tweets with 9 people or 9 tweets with 10 people or 90 tweets with 90 people… you get the idea?

No membership fees, no early alarm calls, no travel costs, no ‘networking outfit’ to choose (or maybe that’s just me?!) but you potentially triple your audience reach. I know people who attend 4 networking events every week too… you do the maths!

So, why not pledge to change your habits this month? Stop worrying and analysing what people “might” want and commit to taking action with my “Social Media Prospector Express Goldminer” strategy.

Weekly – 30 minutes:

Fire up your blog and pick out 5 of your blog posts – write a short description and add the link. Collate these 5 posts in a Word document and check that each post is no longer than 120 characters. You could also link to articles you’ve found online or pages on your website. Don’t think too hard about your choices; just choose 5 messages to post.

Using Hootsuite, schedule each of these 5 messages to be tweeted over the next 5 days at varying times. You might also choose to post to Linked in and Google+ at the same time. Just select where you want your post to appear (but not Facebook!)

Posting on Facebook via 3rd party apps reduce the numbers who can see your posts… so I recommend you use Facebook’s own scheduler which isn’t penalised.

Now go to your Facebook page, and in the bottom left hand corner of where you post your status updates, you will see a little clock icon. Copy and paste one post at a time into the box, and using the clock, select the year, month, day, hour and minute you want your post to appear on your page.

These are the only promotion/broadcast messages you will post this week.

Daily – 15-30 minutes spread over the day:

Log into each account where your broadcast messages appeared and check to see if you have received any replies, comments, messages etc. Reply to any you have received.

In Twitter, do a search for a relevant key phrase that will identify Twitter users as being in your target audience. E.g. “their engagement” to find newly engaged couples, and engage with any tweets you find in the searches – don’t forget you can’t sell here… you’re putting their needs first.

In Facebook, while using Facebook as your page; look for other pages where your targeted prospects might be connecting. Like them as your page and comment on their posts where appropriate – whenever you comment, your page name will appear so your reach is growing (don’t write on their wall promoting yourself though – that’s considered as spam unless you’ve been invited!)

If you click on the “Home” button top right of the page, you will see a news feed of all the pages your page has liked… even quicker to scan down and decide which posts you can engage with!

That’s it. It’s a very basic strategy, but it is designed for business owners who believe they don’t have the time to use social media, and it’s simple so it’s easy to implement and manage consistently. It’s better than doing nothing, and by being an “Express Goldminer” you are more likely to grow your audience… and ultimately your customer base than if you did nothing too.

Which would you prefer?

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