Events which have happened today demonstrate just how powerful Twitter is as a platform for reaching a large audience quickly.

Right now, Greater Manchester Police are tweeting basic details of every single call they recieve for 24 hours, both non urgent and 999. Very few people were aware of their intentions beforehand. When I first looked at Twitter this morning around 6am, 2,000 people were actively following the feed and Greater Manchester Police has received 500 calls.

As I write this the time is 7pm. The number of people actively following has risen to almost 20,000 and 2,000 calls have been logged.Not only that, each tweet is accompanied by a hashtag. The hashtag expressed as #gmp24 allows people who don’t want to be notified of every tweet, to search by that hashtag at any point, and see every mention of this event from everyone who has used the hashtag. Using Twitter to educate the public means they are not limited to having their message heard by the 20,000 followers. Anyone with a Twitter account can see what they have to say.

Now those numbers are pretty astonishing. The audience had been notified of this activity by way of re-tweets (RT’s) from people on their follow list who were already aware. New arrivals were able to access the information at the press of a button.  The 24 hour ‘Tweet a Thon’ has done a fantastic job of raising awareness of just how many people do call Greater Manchester Police, and for what reason. However, it also demonstrates why social media is called the “21st Century word of mouth”. Even the neighbourhood gossip couldn’t make information travel this far and wide in such a short time!

If you have a message you want to share with s ready audience, contact me and I will help you to join this revolution.