Are You a Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Alternative Practitioner, Therapist, Healer, Speaker, or Expert...?


Would You Like to Design, Promote, and Get Paid for Your Online Program in the Next 10 Days or Less... 


...With No Need for a Membership Site, Complex Software, or Facebook Ads?


From Veronica Pullen, the Social Marketing Queen

Hey, Veronica here...


You are PASSIONATE about making a difference and serving your clients, and truly love what you do...


You want to work in the way that you most enjoy, around your family, and you're tired of struggling...


You enjoy talking about, and incorporating a bit of "woo-woo" into your work and life...


... And you wish it could be easier to make more (or all) of your income online, from selling your online programs or packages to PAYING CLIENTS, eager to work with you?


Imagine if you could...


Get absolute clarity on who YOU are, who you feel called to serve and how you passionately want to help your tribe to overcome their pains and frustrations, so you can operate from alignment, do your best work, and serving your clients means you get to spend your time doing what you love?


Serve your ideal clients at your highest level with deeply transformational, free and paid offers and VIP Days – and enrol clients with ease - without having to build complicated sales funnels, membership sites, or master complex technology?


Know how to use social media to attract an endless stream of enquiries, warm leads and paying clients - standing out from the crowd in your Category of One, building your personal brand, so your dream clients already know they want to work with you before you're even aware of their existence?


... So you can design, promote and SELL your most EXCITING, transformational service offerings, workshops and online programs online, with no need for sales funnels or complex technology!



Design, Promote, and Get Paid for Your Online Program in the Next 10 Days or Less... 


... With No Need for a Membership Site, Complex Software, or Facebook Ads!


Work with me to create, promote and SELL your transformational service packages, online training program, 1:1 or group mentoring, coaching, premium ticket in-person programs, and/or VIP Days online - WITH EASE:


[*] 10-module video based program, taught online, so you can work through the program with me by your side. All videos captioned, with transcripts provided too.


[*] Each session with assignments to implement, taking you nearer towards getting paid by your soul-aligned, dream clients. 


[*] Downloadable worksheets to guide your thinking, support your creation process, and aid implementation of the assignments.


[*] Live laser coaching during Q&A calls, plus 24/7 support and accountability from me and your peers in our private forum.


We’ll cover:

  • 1.

    Designing and calling in your DREAM clients: Who you truly are, how you do your best work, and calling in your dream clients who will suddenly hear you talking to them – even though they may have known of you for years!

  • 2.

    Creating your tranformational online program or services package that you can't wait to deliver and where buying will be a HELL YES decision for your soul-aligned clients!

  • 3.

    Crafting compelling sales copy that will make online selling feel like a natural conversation. I've not seen anyone else teach this method, but its simplicity and results will astound you.

  • 4.

    Promoting yourself and your business online: the different types of posts to build and fuel your business, building connection, stealth networking, creating and leveraging content to be visible everywhere and reach more of your audience with your message.

  • 5.

    Enrolling your dream clients and getting paid: The fundamentals of making sales from social media and enrolling your dream clients - without any need for sales pages, funnels or complex technology.


10 Days to SOLD Online... 

  • 1.

    Designing and calling in your DREAM clients: WHO would you want to help? And which pain or problem would you love to help them overcome?

  • 2.

    Defining how you do your best work: So often, we are 'advised' to work this way or that way because it 'will sell better'. But during this session, you'll get very clear on how you most love delivering your expertise, so you can stop working in the way that doesn't fill you up, and as a result, sell MORE!

  • 3.

    Drafting your aligned core services package or online program: If you're not REALLY excited about what you're selling, it's not going to be attractive to your audience either. In this session, you'll design a core package or program that excites you and you can't wait to share!

  • 4.

    Turning your aligned core offer into an "OMG YES!" no-brainer for you AND your dream clients: You thought your offer was exciting yesterday, but today, we'll take it out of this stratosphere and turning it into a total no-brainer opportunity that your audience will love and be eager to buy. 

  • 5.

    Painlessly crafting your high-conversion promo copy and getting paid for your aligned offer: In this session, you'll follow my Painless Promo Copy Method to compose your compelling sales copy to tantalise your dream clients, and be ready to receive your new, soul-aligned paying clients.

  • 6.

    Seeding your offer to attract interest and enquiries: Today is when you go public with your tribe about what you've been cooking up for them, and invite them to discover more, attracting your initial stream of delicious enquiries.

  • 7.

    Leveraging your content to be omnipresent to your dream clients online: Now you're ready to enroll your gorgeous new dreamies, we get started with promoting your new aligned program or package, leveraging each piece of content to ramp up your visibility wherever you want to be found.

  • 8.

    Stealth networking online to gather your tribe and build quality relationships with influencers: Stealth networking is how I built my business from scratch online, and make a full-time income online with very little ad spend. I'll be drawing back the curtain to my networking strategy to show how you can get known, liked, trusted, respected, AND PAID by your dream clients, favourite influencers, and your peers.

  • 9.

    Tracking enquiries, keeping in contact and following up: When you're receiving multiple enquiries every day, it can be hard to keep track of where you're at, and who you still need to follow up with. You'll get my simple little system for keeping track, and you'll also discover the secret to sending high-energy follow-up messages that your audience will WANT to read and respond to!

  • 10.

    The daily sales activities to fuel your business: Discover my easy-to-follow, 4321 process that can be completed in 30-minutes each day, that will ensure you're covering all the bases to avoid the peaks and troughs, and instead, let you enjoy a regular flow of new enquiries, subscribers, paying clients, and endorsement opportunities. 


In just 10 days, you'll be enrolling your dream, PAYING CLIENTS into your most exciting online program or package of services ever - with NO need for: 

  • 1.

    Membership sites!

  • 2.

    Facebook ads!

  • 3.

    Complicated sales funnels!

  • 4.

    Any complex technology!

This is a selection of results shared by members of this program in our private group, over a TWO DAY period recently:

"My Monthly Income is Now BEST EVER!"

What a different place I'm in now compared to 6 months ago when I joined you program and was stressing how I could afford to join because my monthly sales were on a downward slide and I couldn't work out why!

I'm so glad I followed your advice and trusted my gut and did make the leap!

Your insights, feedback, help and mentoring has been awesome and my business has made a 180 degree turn and my monthly income is now BEST EVER!”

Vee Smith

If that wasn't exciting enough, there's also SIX bonuses!



Facebook advertising is ideal for extending your reach to people who don’t yet know who you are.


Whilst you do NOT have to pay for Facebook ads to launch and sell your aligned offer, using Facebook advertising effectively to expand your visibility, generate leads and nurture the relationship you have with your tribe, you will massively increase your reach and impact, as well as grow your list and enrol more paying clients.


But paying for Facebook advertising with no real strategy or understanding of the ads platform, is the fastest route to wasted cash.


So, I’m including this program as a bonus so step by step you can create and publish your compelling lead magnet, and run profitable, effective, Facebook 'conversion optimised' ads to generate warm leads, ready for if and when you decide to take advantage of the incredible opportunities Facebook advertising offers you right now.




If you're like most people, you find it difficult to craft compelling sales copy that connects with your audience, and converts?


The problem is, there is a DIRECT correllation between your ability to attract and enroll paying clients online - whether that's from social media, emails or sales pages - and the quality of your copy. 


I've seen so many people struggle with their promo copy that I've developed a new sales copywriting method "Painless Promo Copy" that will enable you to EASILY write the most compelling promo copy that converts.


All of the results you've read about on this page have come from promoting their new, aligned offer using the Painless Promo Copy method.


So, I’m including the Painless Promo Copy program as a bonus so you can apply this method whenever you need to craft compelling promo copy to attract new email subscribers and paying clients online.




Once you've begun enrolling your dream clients into your new aligned offer from your existing audience, you'll want to begin the process of building a personal relationship with your engaged, like minded audience.


The Bots 4 Beginners program will take you step by step through the process of getting permission to send your marketing messages to your most engaged audience's personal Facebook Messenger inbox - where there is close to a 100% chance of your message being opened and READ!



Held in July each year, spend the day with me and your fellow 10 Days to Sold Online friends working ON your business, over here on my beautiful royal island, the Isle of Wight - rounded off with a delicious island cream tea. 


Your annual event ticket is included in your investment. 



If you are writing blogs on your website and posting links to your blog posts in Facebook, then getting Instant Articles set up is a MUST.


With Facebook penalising posts from slow-loading websites, and also posts that attempt to take users off their site, then unless your blog posts are being cloned inside Facebook Instant Articles, you can expect your readership to drop dramatically very soon.


Inside the Simplified Instant Articles program, watch over my shoulder, step by step, as I demonstrate how YOU can set up Instant Articles today - even if you aren't a tech whizz.




Hosting your own, free online challenge is like hosting the biggest networking event you can imagine, filled with ONLY your ideal clients.


You bring a group of your ideal clients into your own ‘room’ - where you get to share your knowledge and make a positive difference to their life or business…


... an eager audience who have specifically made time to listen to you - which automatically builds your expert authority - so you become the natural first choice when they are ready to buy what you offer.


When your online challenge is done well, you're the host of an incredibly popular event that people tell their friends about and everyone wants to attend - bringing you a steady stream of NEW ideal clients on autopilot!


In my Big Money Small Audience program, you'll discover, step by step, how to PLAN, PROMOTE, DELIVER, and CONVERT your free online challenge and give your participants a WOW experience - so you can create valuable connections and attract your dream, paying clients.


And of course... ongoing support and accountability inside our private forum. You won't be cast aside after the ten sessions. 


And... the value doesn't end there, either!


When you join the 10 Days to Sold Online program, you get access to the community for as long as you want to stay.


Including... LIVE access to online sessions with online business and compliance experts.


From time to time, I bring in experts to teach aspects of marketing or running an online business that I don't have expertise in. 


For example, recently my accountant hosted a live session breaking down the VAT Moss rules (tax applicable to EU sales of digital products) into plain English. 


As a result of this session, you will fully understand whether VAT Moss applies to your online programs, and how to comply if it does.


You'll be able to attend all future expert sessions live to ask questions of the experts during the call.


Whether you are only a year into running your business, or already making £10k+ a month, this program will take you on a journey to supercharge your success.



You'll enjoy a new normal, full of 'co-incidences' with success and abundance flowing with ease - achieving your best income months yet!


10 Days to SOLD Online Program 


You get unlimited access to the program content and the community so you can revisit the process as often as you wish.


If you’ve ever done an intensive program like this with me before, you’ll know I go full in with you. You’ll have my full attention and I’ll be right there by your side, supporting you and keeping you accountable as you work through the program, launch your new offer and enroil your dream clients.


Until now, I've only done this work with my private clients in my £2k+ programs, but this is the FIRST TIME EVER that I am teaching the exact same process that I take my private clients through to design, and promote their premium packages, and enrol their dream clients with ease - at a price that is super affordable for all.


Get Instant Access to 10 Days to Sold Online Now...




(Or, if you prefer, instalment options are also available)


10 Days to Sold Online is NOT a fixed marketing system where you have to follow the steps rigidly, even when you aren't comfortable or enjoying what you're doing.


Instead, you'll be guided to design packages and programs that are EXCITING for you and a HELL YES investment for your dream clients, so you can help them get their best results from you doing your best work.


Plus, you'll discover how you can show up online to promote your business in a way that excites and vibes with you, and magnetically attracts your like-minded tribe. 


What others say...

"A Powerful, Valuable and Enjoyable Program!"

"Since working through this process with Veronica, I’ve created two new services that I love, I'm getting bookings and enquiries from new clients, and have received great feedback from existing clients on my improved clarity.

Monica Douglas-Clark
Rebel Rev @ The Nurturing Journey

Selling online isn't about being 'salesy', it's about solving a problem/pain/frustration that your ideal clients have, and creating an offer that offers the right solution to the right people - in a way that enables you to do YOUR best work, which in turn means your clients will achieve the result they want from working with you.


So... if you would like my help to design services, packages of services or online programs that offer HUGE value to your clients...


That you are genuinely excited to deliver and can't wait to share with the world...


Where you get paid what you're worth, an amount that represents the value of the transformation your clients will achieve from working with you...


And where, even hypothetically you know deep down that what you're offering is so brilliant you'd deliver it for free if you had to...


 And where you're so aligned and in-flow that marketing your offer isn't a chore, but it's as easy as chatting about something you're really excited about, to people who feel magnetically drawn to you...


Then join the 10 Days to SOLD Online program now to make this happen for you.. 


Join the 10 Days to SOLD Online Program now...




(Or, if you prefer, instalment options are also available)

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Join the 10 Days to SOLD Online program risk-free today.

If within 7 days, you do not feel I have delivered on my promise to give you the tools and resources to create your aligned offer that you can promote online and enrol your dream clients with ease - and you've completed all of the daily assignments and submitted them for review each day, then simply contact my office for a 100% refund.

"200% ROI Already!"

Done it!!!!! I set myself a target of 1 client for my new aligned offer by the end of this month!

Got them!!! 🍾

And she's paid! 

200% ROI already and I've not even finished all the sessions yet!

Next goal 2 clients inext month, paying in full up front! I've already got 2 calls scheduled for this week so maybe I should increase my target?!

Nicola Mullarkey
The Honest Recruiter
"New Paying Clients and I Don't Even Have a Sales Page!"

“This is all so strange (although I should have expected it).

I went for Sunday lunch with friends yesterday, and one of them asked to enroll in my new program that I created with the process you teach in this program. 

Then she asked if there was room for one of her colleagues to join, too!

When I got back, I'd had an email from a lady asking how she could work with me. I sent her all the details of this program, and she joined too, AND is going to recommend it to another 30 people!

All of this, and I still haven't put up a sales page! 

I am loving this program, Veronica xx”

Cathy Simmons
Therapy Business Academy

Testimonial From Sam Bearfoot: The Therapist Revolution

A month after this video was recorded, Sam designed and promoted a second aligned offer 

- generating 50 sales within the first 48 hours!


Don't waste another day:


-Trying to attract and enrol clients, feeling like everything is a slog and it's not working anyway...


-With your inbox and bank account empty of new enquiries and paying clients....


-Not knowing what to do next to bring in the clients you want...


Join the 10 Days to SOLD Online program now and very soon, you too could be attracting an endless stream of enquiries and enrollments from your DREAM clients, eagerly investing in your most exciting and transformational offering yet - with EASE!


Join the 10 Days to SOLD Online Program Now




(Or, if you prefer, instalment options are also available)