Done For You Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Do you recognise why you should be running Facebook advertising campaigns but you have no idea where to start?

Are you confused between promoted posts, sponsored stories and all the other types of ads on offer, and don’t understand which is the best option for your desired outcome?

Have you tried running a Facebook adverts campaign yourself previously which didn’t produce any results, yet cost you a ton of wasted money in the process?

Would you benefit from having your Facebook adverts campaigns set up, monitored and managed by someone who knows how to get results?

When you choose to work with us, Veronica will take care of your entire Facebook Adverts Campaign;

  • Preparing the best copy and images from your sales page
  • Determining the correct type of advert/s to achieve your objective
  • Ensuring the optimum targeting selections to get your advert/s in front of the right people
  • Monitoring and adjusting your campaign regularly to ensure your budget is spent effectively
  • Providing you with a comprehensive report showing campaign statistics and spend twice weekly

Facebook Adverts Strategy Call

Before we kick off your ads, Veronica will book a 20-minute Strategy Call with you to create the strategy for how you will generate a positive ROI from your campaign. The idea behind this call is to make sure that you have a solid conversion funnel in place behind the campaign.

Facebook Adverts Management | Veronica Pullen

Before you consider investing in Facebook advertising, it is imperative that you can answer the following questions;

If you choose our managed service, Veronica will go through all of this with you in your Strategy Call

WHY do you want to run a Facebook advertising campaign? What is your objective?

  • Attract downloads of your Lead Magnet to build your list?
  • Invite attendees for a webinar?
  • Get more page likes?
  • Fill a workshop or coaching program?

WHAT do you want your advert clickers to do?

  • Complete an opt in form?
  • Register for a webinar?
  • Like your Facebook page?
  • Engage with a Facebook post?

HOW will you get advert clickers to do what you want them to?

  • Import your Lead Magnet opt in page into a Facebook iFrame?
  • Send them to your website?
  • Direct them to an external website? (GoToWebinar etc)

WHERE will you measure the ROI?

  • In the number of new leads for your email list? How will you recognise ad generated opt ins?
  • New Facebook likes?
  • Website page visits? How will you identify ad generated visitors?
  • Sales on the back end? How will you track sales?

WHO do you want to see your advert/s?

  • What is the age and sex of your ideal prospect?
  • Where are they located?
  • What is their avatar? Who are they?
  • What are their interests? (Establish buying patterns)

Our managed Facebook Advert Campaign service starts at £347 + VAT per campaign/month (up to 6 adverts per campaign) plus your advertising budget.

Veronica will discuss the budget with you during your call, and your campaign spend will be capped at the agreed amount.

Ready to get started? Book your strategy call by completing your details in the box below, or call the office on 0208 088 0142 / 02393 966024