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When you register for the FREE 5-Day Authentic Visibility Challenge, you will receive a short video from me each day via email, with a simple task to support you to speak your truth about the message that your audience need to hear.


You'll be sharing what you're passionate about to help your tribe get their BEST results or outcome.


The daily tasks should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete each day.


The concept of AUTHENTIC ONLINE VISIBILITY is to make the whole process of marketing online, QUICK, simple, and FUN. 


Join the 5-day Authentic Visibility Challenge NOW to discover how you can sell your expertise online WITH EASE, and take aligned action to SUPERCHARGE your results!

"Reached More People Than EVER Before!"

The Authentic Visibility Challenge is brilliant!

My first post got a reach of over 1,400 people on my page and 35 likes! That is a LOT for me!

I am amazed with the results!

Jackie Hamilton
Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies
"Gave Me Permission to Follow My Heart"

The Authentic Visibility Challenge gave me the permission to follow my heart and focus on what I absolutely get a buzz from. I am good enough!

I talk about this stuff ALL THE TIME with such passion. But I just wasn't listening to myself - until now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Sam Bell
Pixie-Belle Styling
"286% Increase in Posts Engagement!"

I had no idea that taking part in the Authentic Visibility Challenge would bring so MANY positive results.

Not only did our page post engagement increase by 286%, the posts prompted so many of our previous clients to send incredible testimonials (marketing GOLD!) and then shared the posts to recommend us to their friends.

5 days, increased reach, new enquiries and tons of testimonials!

Thanks V!

Mark Lloyd
Mark Lloyd Designer Jewellery

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