5 People Most Likely to Buy From Your Facebook Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wouldn’t it be magical if you had xray vision and could get in front of the Facebook users who are most likely to buy from your Facebook ads?

Well, you can!

Facebook offer multiple ways for you to track what your audience are interested in, so when you pay to advertise on Facebook or boost Facebook page posts, you can focus your budget only on the people who are most likely to buy as a result of seeing your adverts!

So, let’s take a look at 5 people you can track inside Facebook, who are more likely to buy from your Facebook ads than the general Facebook user:

5 People Most Likely to Buy From Your Facebook Ads INFOGRAPHIC

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#1 Person most likely to buy from your Facebook ads: Existing email subscriber

Someone who has already downloaded your lead magnet (the free incentive you offer in exchange for their name and email address, e.g. my FREE Facebook ads eBook) has gotten value from you, plus you’ve been sending regular emails to build and nurture a relationship.

So periodically, download your email list data and upload it to Facebook as a custom audience so you can place ads in front of the people who already know, like and trust you.

#2 Person most likely to buy from your Facebook ads: Blog post reader

Someone who visits your website to read a blog post (or posts) about a specific topic is more likely to buy a product or service relating to that topic than a general Facebook user.

For example, you reading this blog post tells me that you’re interested in improving your Facebook advertising results, so while I don’t assume that means you will want to purchase my Facebook Ads for Leads program, you are more likely to be interested than someone who has never heard of me before, or ever indicated any previous interest in anything I’ve said about Facebook advertising.

Set up website traffic audiences in Facebook to either track visitors to individual blog posts, or multiple posts relating to the same topic. Next time you advertise a product or service relating to that topic, place your ads in front of these audiences.

#3 Person most likely to buy from your Facebook ads: Product or service sales page visitor

Let’s say, yesterday, someone visited the page on your website where you are promoting your workshop which takes place 4 weeks from now.

You set up a website traffic audience to track their visit, and today, you show them an ad to follow up with them – perhaps letting them know about an unannounced bonus, an instalment plan, or inviting them to send you a private Facebook message to ask questions.

You know they’re interested in the workshop, so they’d be more likely to book a place than the a random Facebook user, AND following up with them quickly means they’d be more likely to book their ticket than if you didn’t.

Also, just like I mentioned in the ‘blog post readers‘ step, they’ve also told you that they have an interest in the topic of the workshop – meaning that next time you want to promote something relevant to that topic, you know they’ll be interested.

The same pricinciple applies, regardless of what you sell. Follow up while their interest is still hot.

#4 Person most likely to buy from your Facebook ads: Engaged Facebook page fan

I’ve had a Facebook account since 2007, and over the years, I must have liked thousands of other people’s Facebook pages that I no longer have any interest in.

The people who have liked your Facebook page will be the same – especially if you’ve ever participated in a like ladder or other form of like reciprocation strategy.

Set up a Facebook page engagement audience to track the people who interact with your page posts, and next time you go to boost a post, show it to this audience.

That way, you’ll be focusing your budget on putting your post in front of the people who are still interested, instead of wasting money on the ‘dead wood‘ page fans who liked your page over the past however many years but couldn’t care less about you now.

#5 Person most likely to buy from your Facebook ads: 50%+ video viewer

When you set up a Facebook page engagement video views audience, you can track the people who watch your Facebook page videos for up to 6 different timeframes per video:

  1. Watched 3 seconds of your video (in other words, they saw it in their feed, but scrolled past.)
  2. Watched 10% of your video
  3. Watched 25% of your video
  4. Watched 50% of your video
  5. Watched 75% of your video
  6. Watched 95% of your video.


The 3 seconds audience is super userful for tracking who SAW your video. E.g. when you want to build an audience of Facebook group members, share your Facebook page video in the group and track the 3 second viewers.

Assuming your page video is at least 10-15 minutes duration, the longer someone watches, the more interested they are in you or the topic of your video.

As a rule of thumb, ALWAYS create a 3 seconds and 50% audience for EVERY video you upload to your page, and then next time you go to set up an ad or boosted post to promote something of relevance to the video topic, you can be specific with your message, in relation to their level of interest.

Facebook advertisers who repeatedly show irrelevant ads (as indicated by each ad’s relevancy score) to users risk having their ads account access terminated.

Increase your relevancy by using Facebook’s audience tracking and remarketing to micro-target your advertising.

Not only will your relevancy improve, you’ll increase your conversions when you stop putting the same ads in front of everyone, and start showing your ads to the segments of your audience who have already indicated that they are more likely to want what you’re promoting, and ergo.

Get started with Facebook audience tracking and remarketing TODAY and increase your sales from Facebook advertising.

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