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Would your business benefit from a consistent stream of warm leads and paying customers?

Do you have a message to share that you’re totally passionate about… but you’re frustrated that you don’t have a large audience who care enough to want to listen?

 Are you a Solopreneur working long hours… and stuck in the time trap of only being paid for the time you work?

 Is your ultimate goal to be recognised as the expert in your field… the go-to person that your prospects think of when they need what you offer?

 Have you already built a considerable profile as a Business Celebrity but want to sell more information products and fill bigger rooms?

What Nick James, one of the UK’s leading Copywriters has to say about Veronica Pullen?

Social Prospecting For Twitter | Veronica Pullen

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My name is Veronica Pullen and I am an Online Relationship Marketer and creator of the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™… I work with business experts who want to be heard by a bigger online audience, struggle to fill their seminars or sell their information products… and teach them how to grow strong relationships with the right people and build emotional connections which lead to a solid increase in warm leads and sales.

How to use social media to find and engage with your ideal prospects… and convert them into paying customers!

Introducing My 8 Step Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™

Social Marketing Profits Blueprint


Step #1 Attract: Find, and be found by, your ideal clients on social media. Are you attracting the right people to like and follow you?

Step #2 Connect: Build emotional connections. Let your new connections know that you care by showing an interest in them. Building emotional connections is essential if you want them to give a fig about you and what you’ve got to say.

Step #3 Capture: Now you’ve attracted a new like/follow, and begun to build an emotional connection, offer a compelling Lead Magnet in exchange for their email address to start building your list of warm leads. If you’re not capturing email addresses at step 3, frankly your future income is highly vulnerable – remember Bebo and Friends Reunited?!

Step #4 Nurture: Similar to step #2, now you’ve captured their email address, continue building your relationship on social media, but you should also be sending regular emails too… at least weekly! It’s your job to remind your prospects to buy from you, it’s not their job to remember!

Step #5 Verify: At step 5, your new connection has began to know and like you, but now you need to show them why they should be investing in working with you, and how you can serve them. Largely this is a combination of you sharing your knowledge via the content you create, and promoting your offers. Don’t shy away from asking for the sale (unless you don’t want any sales that is?!)

Step 6 Satisfy: Your new connection now knows and likes you, and can see that you’re the person they must work with if they want to get the results you promise. But how do they know you will actually deliver on your promises? Testimonials and reviews are the answer… social proof! Robert Cialdini said “in times of uncertainty, we look around us to see what our peers are doing” – share those testimonials far and wide!

Step #7 Consult: Your connection is now ready to invest something in you… maybe a small financial investment in your book or low ticket program, or an investment of time – showing up for your webinar, speaking to you on the phone, or applying for your big ticket program. You’re almost there!

Step #8 Convert: Woohoo! You’ve done it! You’ve gained a new repeat customer, a private client, or big ticket program member. Don’t forget to capture their testimonials!

“Veronica recently gave me a Facebook strategy to promote a webinar I was hosting one hour later. Implementing her recommendation resulted in 50 extra registrations within 45 minutes!” Nick James – Business Mentor

But listen, there’s something you should know. While it is entirely possible to take a new connection from steps 1 to 8 in a matter of hours, it’s not the norm. Social marketing is a long term relationship building vehicle that WILL deliver you a consistent stream of warm leads and sales – but over time, not instantly.

Learn how to apply the 8 steps of my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint and start building the foundations for generating a consistent stream of warm leads and paying customers from YOUR social marketing campaigns, then head over HERE to check out my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Training and Mentoring Program


I’ve been networking and building profitable relationships on social media for over 18 years… and have a deep understanding of how people communicate online… my unique insights are your gateway to bigger profits!

As a result of relationships built on social media in the last 2 years, I have been…

  • Crowned the APCTC Small Business Coach of the Year (with a MARGIN of 170 votes!)
  • Featured on ITV1 Daybreak Show and generated front page newspaper coverage
  • Become a sought after Joint Venture partner nationally
  • Invited regularly to speak from stage at events nationwide
  • Given a monthly social media column in Surrey Mirror newspaper
  • Consistently growing my business with 89% of my own globally based clients coming via my social network
  • Working with some of the BIG names in the Expert industry… including Fiona Harrold, Bob Burg (Author of Go-Givers), Dr Joanna Martin, Nick James, Lucy Whittington, Nicola Cairncross, Kimberley Davis (BBC Apprentice)… AND MANY MORE
  • Chosen by Nigel Botterill as his UK Entrepreneur of the Month
  • Hand-picked by Theo Paphitis as one of his favourite small businesses (the first social media business to be chosen!)
Are you ready to harness the power of social media to get recognised as the expert in your field, find and engage with your ideal prospects… and convert them into PAYING CLIENTS?

Already built a strong offline profile?

Do you want to build on your “Business Celebrity” status by finding new connections and enjoying better online relationships with your current followers to sell more products and fill more rooms.

Maybe you’re based outside of the UK and you aren’t sure where to start with growing a UK online community.


Dr Joanna Martin | Shift Speaker Training & Shift Lifestyle - testimonial for Veronica Pullen

“When Veronica managed our social media campaigns, I saw an unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our events in the UK. She is exceptionally insightful, writes beautifully and truly knows her stuff. I highly recommend Veronica’s services to business owners looking for social media assistance.” Dr Joanna Martin Internationally renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author 


How can we work together?

Step #1: If you haven’t already, I recommend you hop over to the right side of this page and download my FREE eBook “8 Simple Steps to Profitable Social Marketing”

Step #2: Check out my Products page as I have several virtual programs that will teach you how to build relationships using social media and make more sales. Some of the programs include group or 1:1 mentoring from me so we can work together to help you see results even quicker

Step #3: If you’re not sure which program is right for you, click here to get in touch so we can talk through how best we can work together.

Hear what Jane Hafren, The Walk of Life Coach has to say…

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